Friday, January 30, 2009

Intro to the Blog

So I've been waiting to post another blog until I could think of a theme for my blogs. I already have a letters from home blog on myspace. I use that one to express daily thoughts and such. Letters from my home to my friends and anyone else. Kinda a way to keep in touch.
I browsed through other peoples blogs. My best friend Cassie has an awesome one about becoming and adventist homemaker, so I couldn't steal that idea. I thought and thought. What do I love, that people would want to read about? Something I can share and make someone think (as I have on occasion reading other blogs) "Wow, that's awesome! (or atleast great)"
So as I was showering this morning pondering this point. (I often think in the shower, it's the only place i have a break from being a mom most mornings) Food popped into my mind. I love food! I love cooking! I love finding amazing new recipes for stuff I've never heard of and trying them out! So why not do a blog about my adventures in food? Well not all adventures. I think that I would love to share my favorite vegetarian recipes. Since I'm not a born vegetarian, I can give an honest meat eater opinion on what it tastes like. None of this "tastes just like steak" junk. Cause it doesn't. I will also add notes on how to adapt the recipe to feed both vegans and meat eaters alike.
So for starters I'm going to take the time to build up my recipes on here. I will try very hard to enter as many of my already favorite recipes in here, before I go out and gather more new favorites. I don't claim to have created many of these recipes either. I'm all for scowering the web for a million versions of what I want and trying them till I find "the right one." In many cases I will change a few things to make it fit my tastes. I will also try to include pictures of as many recipes as possible. If you're like me. You like to look at the finished product before you decide to make it. If it looks delicious and sounds delicious it probably is.... I will also not include any recipes that i haven't tried and loved... or atleast tried and many other people loved (in the case of things like pumpkin pie cheesecake and pecan pie (things I hate) or banana rhubarb pie). So rest assured I'm not going to have stuff on here that normal people won't eat. I will also try (once I've updated the list of recipes) to include a nutritional value chart on as many as possible and give each recipe a rating on healthiness. I'm not promising every recipe will be good for you either. the above mentioned pumpkin cheesecake is pretty much just good for getting your daily value of vitamin A and your yearly amount of fat... But that doesn't stop people from having seconds. So... Lets get crackin'

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  1. LOL. I just read this post. I added you to my blog follower type thingie but haven't figured out how to keep up with updates. So instead, I added you to my RSS feeds and discovered you'd already posted 13 times! oops. :):)

    I think a food blog is an excellent idea! I'm always looking for vegetarian and/or vegan recipes to test out. You can be the guinea pig and I'll make the tried and true recipes that you post. hehe